Mörkt kors nedanför en kulle med grönt gräs i motljus
Stadsvandra på Skogskyrkogården
Stadsvandra på Skogskyrkogården
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The Woodland Cemetery with the tomb of Greta Garbo

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245 kr per person

Skogskyrkogården - 100 years old, but still timeless. Experience one of Stockholm's most beautiful places. Skilled architects, in combination with a pebble sauce in a pine forest, have created unique rooms in the landscape and many iconic buildings...

In 2020, Skogskyrkogården turned 100 years old, which should be old - but still the cemetery feels timeless. Could it be that so many were inspired by the architects' style and built similar cemeteries in other places? Or is Skogskyrkogården unique? But was found

the architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz their knowledge and their inspiration?

Like so many others, they studied hard and then traveled the wide world. One of them photographed, and the other drew. Once back home in Sweden, they get the opportunity to work together not just once but several times. But Skogskyrkogården is the perfect creation. We see landscape architecture of strange beauty mixed with beautiful nature and interesting buildings. At Skogskyrkogården, more than 2,000 funerals are held every year. The forest cemetery was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. Let yourself be fascinated by the tall pines and the beautiful light that penetrates between the trees. We walk from the fairytale-like and mysterious atmosphere of the Forest Chapel via the Greek columns of the Resurrection Chapel to the sandstone-colored chapel of functionalism with modern details. The hike ends at the height of Gunnar Asplund's grave.

With many pictures from the past.

This is included:

  • 90 minutes guided city walk at the cemetery. We do not enter any chapels.


Few steps, uneven surface.  


4 persons.