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Full day course in fly fishing in northern Dalarna, Sweden in the summer of 2020 with private guide / instructor.

In the community of Älvdalen, a part of Sweden's southernmost wilderness, the recognized in the fly fishing circuits river Österdalälven flows. With great access of both trout and grayling where caught fish of over kilos are recorded every season.

Enjoy a wild and beautiful nature where the river is easily waded and offers a great variety of fishing in both flowing rapids, pool necks and deeper parts. Here, our knowledgeable guide will take you out one day in the signs of learning and fishing, where we go through the basics of fly fishing, learn how to throw, and try to catch your first trout or grayling on a fly rod as soon as possible.

The guide also provides some basics in the entomology of insects based on fly selection, equipment with tips and tricks and how to read and fish the water most efficiently. We practice catch & release to the greatest extent possible, but can of course take some fish for you to bring home if opportunity is given.


We meet in the central Älvdalen at Anglerman's premises and you are allocated suitable wading pants and shoes plus fishing equipment. From there we head with the guide's transport out into the wilderness for today's adventure and go to a nice campsite at the shore where we go through the theoretical parts of the fish.

You will learn to throw the line without fly as the first step, but within a short time we will switch to sharp fishing where the guide will help you find timing in both casting and fishing techniques.

The guide will serve you a locally marked wilderness lunch at a suitable location along the river during the day.

We fish our way through the day, have a coffee and the guide supports and helps you maximize your chances of getting your first fish on the hook and feel the joy and serenity all we fly fishermen can attest to this activity gives us.

In the afternoon we pack up and head back to the departure point until 4 pm and there the day ends together.

A warm welcome to a fishing day that hopefully can be the start of new experiences for you in the future through the knowledge and inspiration you gain.