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Sköntorp och Årsta

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Did you know that the word “torp” derives from the Middle Ages and means secluded farm in contrast to farms in a village.

This city walk starts in the pineforest at Sköntorp. Sköntorp, unfortunately, burnt down on November 16, 1996, but the fruit trees that belonged to the cottage are still remaining.
Not far from the yellow-painted cottage was a red barn. The view down overlooking Årstaviken must have been breathtaking. But the water was not clean. For a long time the lake had a nickname like Årstabeer, due to the color.

The vessels M / S Vindemia, M / S Vinia and M / S Vinlandia started a shuttle service from the wine regions in France to Årsta.
During the Bronze Age (1500-500 BC), Årstaviken, Årstafältet and Enskedefältet were all sea bays, the water surface was then 15 meters above the sea level of today. The Stockholm City Museum has investigated the burial grounds and, of course, one has made discoveries.

Årsta farm was one of the largest farms for a very long time, and agriculture was run on the farm until the 1940s. Märta Helena Reenstierna, also called Årstafrun (Årstamam´) lived on the farm from 1775 until 1841. In her diary she tells us about the daily life in Stockholm at this time.
Join us for this interesting cultural walk adorned with a beautiful nature.

Includes: Authorized guide 1 h 30 minutes.