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Scenic wilderness camp

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Enjoy the wild and beautiful scenery at our wilderness campsite.

You can experience nature by hiking, fishing, cycling or just watching it in silence.
Those who fish for salmon and sea trout are especially at their place, with well-known fishing spots directly at the camping site.

You come to Lögdeälven for experience and enjoy nature based on your interests, whether it's fishing, hiking, nature viewing or anything else.
Here you will find a shared barbecue area to enjoy the stunning view during the cool summer nights.
There is no electricity or running water in the area. There is a service building with dry toilets and a drainage tank for sewage water in the area intended for camping guests only.

The campsite is often unmanned and therefore self-check in & self-check out.
There are a total of 25 marked places for caravan or motorhome and 5 tent sites on a tent area.

Good to know:
- On arrival you will find the area map, There you find the location of the numbered spot you booked or you can see which spot you like best to book.
- Campinghosts are watching the area daily but in irregular times.
- To clarify to the camping host that you have placed your caravan/mobilehome or tent on the correct spot and paid for your location, the booking confirmation must be clearly visible in the front of your caravan or caravan / vehicle. Alternatively, attach in a weatherproof pocket / bag on your tent.
- If you do not have the opportunity to print the booking confirmation, you will find paper and pencil in the mailbox where you can enter your arrival / departure date and reference number for your reservation.
- Place your vehicle, or tent, centered within the area now rented.
- Cooking with open fire is only permitted on designated barbecue areas or in portable barbecue devices that do not leave tracks in the terrain.
- As we are in nature, it is as important as of course that you do not leave waste or junk after you are in or around the area. There are waste containers in the area to leave your garbage in.
Keep in mind that the road down to the campsite is steep and that the bridge to the other road to Lögdeå is not allowed for vehicles with too many tons of weight.

This wilderness camp is located in the middle of nature, really. This means that there is no address. Use GPS coordinates and follow the signs as you approach, then you find it, for sure.

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