Gårdsguidning och Fäbodfrukost (Aktivitet)
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Lunch within "Fäbod" culture and historical guiding tour

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Experience a homestead and a stave church that vibrate of history and saga. Enjoy primitive luxury for all senses!

This is something for the one who is interested in old times and would like to experience something different that includes both knowledge, genuine tastes from the old times, fairytales and songs from the forest!

The herding-music ("vall"music) is created out in the wild, when the "herding maids" were far away in the forest during summertime with their cattle in the north part of Sweden. This beautiful, melancholic music has its roots in the simple cow horn instrument - which is very difficult to play!

"Sometimes the herding maids were out in the pasture alone - except from all the mystic creatures that could hide in the dark of the forest; also robbers could appear … especially in the old days of the well known and feared Ödmården-forest, on which very edges you are sitting right now ..."

We meet at Oklagård and you will be taken on a guiding tour among buildings that shows the art of timbering trough about thousand years in time, by the house lord who have built up all the buildings from the very ground since 1977. After that you will enter the intimate little fire house where you will hear herding-songs, "kulning" (calling) and tellings from the forest meanwhile you will be served a brunchy-like "fäbod-breakfast" with tastes from the fäbod culture. Why not try a tone out from a cow horn or sing a simpel folksong?

Please bring a warm sweater! The event will take place in all kinds of weather!

Minimum five (5) participants are required for the event to take place. If cancelled, notice will be given at latest 7days ahead. Full refund will take place alternatively rebooking to another date.

Children 2-12 years.