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Houses and heights at Hornsgatan

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Hornsgatan is one of the major business and transit streets on Södermalm in Stockholm.

The street starts at the corner Södermalmstorg and Götgatan and continues west to Hornstull. The street is 2,300 meters long. But Hornsgatan is so much more.

Alongside the noble palaces, you will with help of the Stockholm-guide Stefan Maurbakken learn about the city's development. We take you on a cultural-historical walk. We will walk along elder wooden buildings and with high cultural-historical values alongside their architectural beauty.

Walking through these areas, gives us a glimpse of how life must have been before. However, in the 18th century, the life of these working class neighborhoods was extremely harsh and unpleasant. Diseases was rampant and 4 out of 10 children died in their first year, the plague arrived repeatedly through the city and killing one third of the population in 1710. Malaria, dysentery, jaundice, and tuberculosis were extremely common due to crowded living conditions and stagnant, contaminated water.

Stockholm competed with Paris throughout the 1700´s having the poorest living conditions and highest death rates. Side by side with the diseases, hunger was also part of the threats.
A factory worker that worked twelve hours per day six days a week did not earn enough money to feed him or herself, much less an entire family. Food was perhaps the largest expense for a working class family, and the extremely bad harvest years of 1705 to 1718 made food even more expensive. During the winter months, scurvy was extremely common among working class families who generally could not even afford to buy onions. Between the poverty, the disease, the hunger, the crowding, and the cold, is it impossible to imagine that any fragment of life in these neigborhoods were pleasant.

Duration: 90 minuter.
Minimum 2 participants for the tour to be held.
Accessibility: Lots of stairs. Difficult to get around with a pram and wheelchair. A bicycle can be led.