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Halfday fly fishing guiding of children

Price from
3500 kr per guided tour

Let your child learn to fly fish by experienced guide while you may fish on your own hundred meters away

Is your child interested in fly fishing like yourself?
All we parents also know that it is easier to absorb new information if it is someone other than their parents who give it to the child. Anglerman gives you the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, you as a parent may use your fishing time to your own fishing while we take care of your children and help them become better fly fisherman and above all have fun within sight of the parent.
We go through everything from equipment, knots and Fly tips to casting and fishing techniques. That there will be jams in both lines, leaders and flies that get stuck everywhere, are we used to. We also have the knowledge to help the child raise their level and develop a fun and effective fishing.

We provide both fishing and wading equipment including life jacket and, if necessary safety line as part of the experience.

All necessary equipment is provided for children. Parents can book theirs additionally.

Warm welcome on a developing fishing trip for both children and parents who might weld together you through your joint interest for life.