Hundspann - en halvdag
Hundspann - en halvdag
Hundspann - en halvdag
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Half Day Sled Dog Tour

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Experience a unique Nordic adventure in the company of huskies, snow, wilderness and local food!

It is an extraordinary and unique way to view the world from a dog sled pulled by a team of happy enthusiastic huskies! 

There is truly something special about experiencing the wild nature with a team of powerful sled dogs, following twisting trails in the nordic forests, crossing the frozen lakes and viewing the ancient mountains, plowing silently through the white snow.

Many people who have experienced a trip with a dog team in the snowy landscape of the North have sworn it to be an emotional one and there is a good reason for it. You get to feel the ancient connection of humans and dogs, and Mother Nature, and there is something very humbling and magical about it.

To these amazing canine athletes, a tour like this is not work, but fun.
When booking a half day tour at Nordic Husky Farm you will get to meet our entire pack – from the puppies to the goldies-oldies, as we call our canine senior citizens.

You will get a chance to help harness the dogs before the tour and unharness and feed them after we come back.
Those of you who book the option where you will drive your own team, will receive a short introduction to driving the sled safely and effectively.

The tour itself takes about 60 minutes and we make short stops along the way to enjoy the beauty, take pictures and warm up with a hot glögg (a delicious Swedish warm fruit drink with spices).

During the kennel visit you'll get a chance to take a look at all the unique equipment and sleds for racing and special sled dog care, say hallo to the dogs, pet them, take pictures with them and of course hear some interesting stories (don't forget to ask Katerina about the dramatic moose attack or the heroic run in the snowstorm when her special lead dog Taz led three teams across the mountains in Lappland).

Warm and super cozy reindeer skins and an open fire will keep you warm while waiting for the locally roasted coffee and waffles with a wild berry jam to cook over the fire.

All the food we prepare at Nordic Husky Farm is from local ingredients or wildcrafted. If you don't fancy coffee, perhaps Katerina's famous herbal Chai tea or spicey hot chocolate will be a good alternative.

We have a little souvenir shop and apothecary where you can buy Katerina's wildcrated herbal teas, marmelades, healing forest salves and balms, dried mushrooms, wild berry products but also wooden and glass handcrafts, candles, drawings, post cards, calendars with our huskies and other memorabilia and gifts.

Included in the price:
- Guide
- Instructage
- Dog sled tour
- Kennel visit
- Coffee and waffles (or other snacks)

Not included in the price:
- Pick up and dropp off
- Outdoor clothes or boots
- Accommodation