Djurskådning i Gästrikland
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Eye to eye with a wild eagle!

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It almost takes your breath away when a golden eagle comes into land just a few metres in front of the hide To see an eagle close up with their huge wing span, beautiful markings and sharp glance is an experience out of the ordinary.

Out in the wilderness is a purpose-built forest cabin where many bird species can be seen during winter time.

The hide is on a small hill and has views in three directions. It is in a pine forest with large
boulders with many species of birds, such as woodpeckers, eagles and small birds. The fox
can tiptoe past and squirrels often jump around between the trees. Posts and bird perches are posted around the hide for the best possible chance to see and photograph the birds.
We gather in Wild Nordics Gallery, 2 hours before sunrise.

For the best chance to see eagles we go to hide in the dark (about 1.5 hour before sunrise) so any eagles should not be frightened.

After transport by car, we´ll walk a short distance through the woods. The guide will show you the way into the hide, and on your own, you begin the exciting scouting.

The hide has 4 seats and 9 photo openings, and large bunk beds with pillows and blankets and a simple toilet.

To keep warm, there´s a gas stove, warm slippers, sleeping/sitting bags and hand/foot warmers.
At sunrise you will be picked up of the guide after a hopefully exciting bird day.

To consider:

- Do not take things with rustling packaging (eg, chip bags).
- Repack such things in lunch boxes / plastic boxes.

This activity is done on nature's terms and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.

Organiser: Wild Nordic