Stor röd tegelkyrka med blå natthimmel som bakgrund
Gränder och glögg på Kyrkbacken
Gränder och glögg på Kyrkbacken
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Christmas Walk Västerås

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195 kr per person

Experience Kyrkbacken - Västerås' oldest city quarter. A city walk in the light of lanterns on streets and alleys. Christmas is the holiday of stories, hear about the traditions and their origins. Did the Vikings celebrate Christmas? Why was Santa gray before?

A city walk during the darkest time of the year, but with light from street lamps and homes we get to experience a Christmas atmosphere. Kyrkbacken is Västerå's oldest neighborhood and used to be the city's poorest neighborhood. Here lived the men of the church, craftsmen, the poor, widows, soldiers and the executioner himself. The street network has been more or less untouched since the 17th century - but in the 1960s an extensive renovation began. We walk on heated cobblestones and are fascinated by fairy tales from the past. How long have we had a Christmas tree and where does that tradition come from? Why was Santa gray before and red today? And where does the tradition of the Christmas goat come from? How do you celebrate Christmas in the wide world?

Our countdown to Christmas runs practically all of December. Sometimes you can hear the expression "the day before the baptism", and it refers to the fact that you used to dip into the pot on Christmas Eve. During the 20th century, the custom of hanging up a stocking with a small Christmas present in the morning spread, mainly to the children. This fully reflects an Anglo-Saxon gift-giving tradition. For many families in the television age, Christmas lunch is eaten before "Donald Duck's Christmas". Then Santa arrives with the Christmas presents. In the farming community, Christmas Eve was for most the most solemn time of the year. After many days of hard work, the farm people had now completed the last chores before the weekend celebration. The Christmas wood was cut and brought in and out in the yard the birds' Christmas basket was in place. The utensils were taken and inside the barn it was neat and tidy. The Christmas table was laid and extra fine straw was laid on the floor, in some places called Christmas joy.

The mulled wine tour ends, of course, with a mug of hot non-alcoholic mulled wine and Christmas cookies.

Tip: Dress warmly! It's easy to get cold and raw when you're standing still (and the guide is talking).

This is included:

  • 60 minutes guided tour, a mug of warm grape juice and christmas cookies


Cobbled stones, steps and uneven surfaces. If snow it can also be slippery.


2 persons.