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The Brickmaster

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Our walk at Kungsholmen is first of all a tribute to the architect Ragnar Östberg and his life's work - Stockholm City Hall.

We walk around the building (entrance is not included) since it has a number of exciting details that will surprise you.
Here we find a rare mixture of architectural styles as Swedish medieval, Italian renaissance and a neo-classicism from the 20th century.
The town hall consists of about eight million bricks, many of which were carved out by hand to get a special look.

Who was Ragnar Östberg and where did he get his inspiration? Did you know that he as a student interrupted his schooling when the grades in mathematics were too bad?
In the neighborhood, Samuel Owen built 1809 his own company Kungsholmens Mekaniska Werkstad, a factory that contained both foundry and mechanical workshop. He also introduced new foundry technology to Sweden, including casting in sand molds so that even larger objects could be manufactured as large cylinder blocks for steam engines.

Includes: Authorized guide.
Not icnluded: Entrance and guidetour inside City hall.

The walk continues up to the top of the King's cliff via the city archive and the new housing complex from 1930´s.
Our walking tour will also take us to the garden of Piperska Muren and the police headquarter that looks like a castle from a fairy tale.